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RIGOL Ultra Power Analyser Measurement (UPA)

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Powerful analyser for all kinds of Switch-Mode Power Supply and products containing SMPS, this Ultra Power Analyser (UPA) Kit includes software for PC (XP, VISTA, Win7) and is supplied with power measurement calibration fixture. RIGOL Ultra Power Analyzer is intended to work with RIGOL DS4000 series, MSO4000 series and DS2000 series Digital/Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes. For the required current probe and differential probe, you can add one of Rigol's great price performance RP-series probes (type 'RP' into the above site search bar at the top right of this screen)



  • Power quality analysis
  • Current harmonics analysis
  • Inrush current analysis
  • Power device analysis
  • Safe operating area analysis
  • Modulation analysis
  • Output analysis
  • Supplied with fixture to auto-compensate for your probes (provides accurate power metering via de-skew calibration)

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DG1032Z 2 csatornás, 32MHz-es (200MS6s) multifunkciós funkció/arbitrary generátor, mely jól használható ipar-, kutatás fejlesztés és az oktatás területén.