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S1210, PC EMI Pre-Compliance Software

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S1210, PC EMI Pre-Compliance Software

  • Introduces the workspace concept - Manage multiple measurements easily
  • 'Demo' mode included - Trial the software without an instrument and a licence
  • Includes an independent data manager function to edit files required by the software
  • Includes an amplitude correction function to preview the correction setting and to get the calibration results, promptly
  • Includes pre-scan and final-scan functions with three modes - Clear/Write, Repeat Clear/Write and Repeat Max Hold
  • Includes a limit-line function for quick assessment of the results
  • Supports segment scanning and editing of tables to for efficiency
  • Choose between a log or linear frequency axis
  • The amplitude axis supports multiple units
  • Includes comprehensive peak search settings
  • Supports importing and exporting of the peak table
  • Supports editing of the marker table - Mark any frequency of interest
  • Supports the setting of a reference trace - Compare measured results easily
  • Supports simple operation on the spectral graph
  • includes a report generation function
  • Supports multiple languages (without restarting the software)

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DG1032Z 2 csatornás, 32MHz-es (200MS6s) multifunkciós funkció/arbitrary generátor, mely jól használható ipar-, kutatás fejlesztés és az oktatás területén.